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Windows Phone 7 Application Development

hf-propagation start tile image

Elmer: "You got your windows phone in my ham hobby..."
Fudd: "You got your ham stuff in my windows phone..."
Two great tastes that taste great together.
One of my favorite Ham Radio apps is the great Windows 7 desktop gadget shown on the right. At a glance I can tell when propagation conditions are such that I should fire up the rig and send out a couple CQs. HF-Propagation is the first of hopefully several Ham Friend apps for the Windows Phone 7 platform.
Now I can quickly whip out my windows phone and get this same great info without having to turn on the computer!
Thank you to N0NBH for the data service. Click on the image on the right to learn more about this great ham radio resource!
-Tom (KE7WTM)