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Windows Phone 7 Application Development

About Driftwood7

Long ago in a land far away (well at least as far as Texas) I had the fun to create some shareware apps for the Apple II. They were released under the company name of Driftwood Software. Well time has gone by but I am finding Windows Phone development is bringing back that excitement so Driftwood Software is back - this time as Driftwood7.


This was my very first Windows Phone application. On my home computer I have a great little windows gadget that tells me the currently ham radio propagation conditions. I am ham radio operator and it is great at a glance to know whether it is worth firing up the rig or whether the bands are just going to be too noisy. It is also just plain interesting to see how the conditions vary over time. The big solar blasts we had just recently being a case in point. Watching how the bands changed in response to all that ionizing radiation was pretty interesting. In any case I really wanted the convenience of having that info at my finger tips without having to turn on the desktop computer. Thanks to N0NBH making this data available, I could focus on just bringing the data to the windows phone in a aethetically pleasing fashion. Check out the HF-Propagation page for more information.


This is my second windows phone app and first venture into having both free and paid versions of an application. The goal of this app was to make it easy to practice morse code on the go. While the app supports a convert feature to convert text to morse code and back, the main feature is the practice mode. The app provides several settings to configure the tone and speed of the morse code and how the practice sessions are determined. Check out the HF-MorseCode page for more information.